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What's possible when you finally get out of your own way, stop doubting your brilliance, and embrace big change?

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the face of resistance, we are capable of amazing things. As a certified life coach and yoga teacher, I work with individuals to facilitate real growth in their personal and professional lives. Like the teachings of yoga, ontological coaching is the process of coming back to ourselves, refining our attention and focus, and honoring our highest selves by showing up fully. 


From what we buy to the media we consume, we’re constantly being told what we need to do, fix, or believe in order to be our “best selves.” The phrase “fake it til you make it” gets thrown around so often. It’s a rallying cry for us to hustle non-stop with the intention that one day we’ll wake up exactly where we want to be. In reality, the pressure to “have it all” only adds to our indecision, dissatisfaction, and feelings of self-doubt.

What if we shift the paradigm?​

 What if we start first with simply being and let the doing emerge from there? Wellness is a multi-dimensional state that is only able to flourish when we tap into our inner wisdom, own our power, and find balance amongst the daily demands of our modern world.


Your wellbeing is more than data and diagnoses. It’s bigger than metrics and measures. It is an honor to support my clients on their journeys to embracing their fullest selves and thriving in this wild and beautiful life.

Through guided self-discovery, purposeful dialogue, and a well-defined vision, the coaching relationship empowers you, the client, to mobilize your internal strength and external resources for sustainable achievements and a fuller life experience.

1:1 Coaching

Ontological coaching asks us to examine and shift not only the actions we take in our lives, but who we are being in relationship to ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. This approach is deeply transformative. It also requires a serious commitment.

One-on-one coaching is a four-month foundation-building container for anyone ready to get out of their own way, access new power and possibility, and design a life that allows them to thrive. Each month is broken down into weekly one-hour sessions. These sessions are supported containers for you to work through obstacles, generate breakthroughs, and commit to practicing new ways of being.


While our time together is valuable, lasting transformation really begins when you implement the work we’ve done in your day-to-day life. 


What Clients Say

Beth is a gift! She has the ability to create a comforting space in which I can create an honest dialogue with myself while compassionately pushing me to dig deeper into my own ways of being. The past few months together have opened myself up to new ways of approaching life and reminded me that I love myself!
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