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My approach to coaching is 


Does this sound like YOU?​
  • You procrastinate on a big decision for fear of making the wrong choice.

  • You tolerate your current job/relationship/life because you're not quite "ready" or "good enough" to get what you want.

  • You're afraid that if you prioritize your own needs and wants, you'll push people you love away 

  • You fear that one day soon everyone will figure out that you don't know what you're doing.

  • You spend more time comparing yourself and your work with others than doing what you love.

  • You're always working because you haven't earned the time to relax...yet.

  • There's a voice inside you that doubts you're capable of being successful, experiencing ease, and living a life of joy. 

My name is Beth Batson and I’m an Embodied Mindset Coach.

I work with passion-driven entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creative professionals who’ve gotten to their current level of success by busting their asses, prioritizing others, and ignoring themselves and their well-being…only to feel the impact of these choices.


My clients come to me to rewrite their experience of success and connect with what lights them up. They come to me to feel grounded and whole again. And because I believe that tools and awareness only take us so far when the nervous system is stuck, my coaching approach integrates the intelligence of the whole self.  I support my clients to re-route outdated thought patterns, befriend their nervous system, and rebuild resiliency.
This work isn’t about fixing what doesn’t work, it’s about reconnecting with and empowering what does. It’s about getting back your voice. Your trust. Your agency.

What's possible when you start listening to your body and living from your heart?

Our work together will EMPOWER you to…​
  • Recognize and release your self-limiting beliefs. 

  • Make lasting shifts in your relationships. 

  • Shift your current narrative and take gutsy action. 

  • Develop a healthier relationship with stress.

  • Set grounded boundaries with confidence and purpose.

  • Make sustainable and measurable improvements to your well-being

I believe that a deep knowing of ourselves and our purpose is the basis for a joyful, creative, and accomplished life. Our work together builds and fortifies that foundation, creating space for you to experience and honor your whole and worthy truth. 


Your Journey begins with a complimentary discovery call.




1:1 Coaching is a deep dive into YOU and who you are BEING in all areas of your life. In this 4-month minimum container, you will build a solid and supportive foundation for an intentional and joy-filled life.



Future Vision Mapping is A 6-session coaching container for purpose-finding and momentum-building. Shift your relationship with goal-setting and start building the live you yearn for.


Collaborate and connect with others through the powerful work of coaching. Latest offerings are posted here. Stay updated by susbcribing to my email list.

What Clients Say

Beth is a gift! She has the ability to create a comforting space in which I can create an honest dialogue with myself while compassionately pushing me to dig deeper into my own ways of being. The past few months together have opened myself up to new ways of approaching life and reminded me that I love myself!
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