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Connected & Inspired:

Powerful Tools for Life

Saturday, October 21st
10am - 2pm PDT
(A Virtual Workshop)

Do you feel stuck or uninspired?

Do you focus more on ‘doing it right’ than doing what you love?

Do you crave the clarity and energy that comes with being deeply connected to your unique gifts and purpose?

When we approach our lives and our work feeling like an imposter, or in some way lacking, it’s easy to lose our sense of self. We lose that purpose and spark that fuels our creative process.

What if you had access to a deep sense of inspiration and flow?

Imagine starting each day knowing that you are whole, resourceful, and complete (because you are!). What would it be like to show up to your work with a sense of excitement and drive, free of negative self-talk, and fully able to delight in your own personal flavor of creative flow? What would you create?


Join Elise Majorossy and me for a workshop all about a deeper connection to self and purpose.

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