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Coaching is all about YOU. 

But I get it, you still might be curious about ME. 

I am a certified life coach, yoga teacher, and visual creative who understands firsthand what happens when we let self-doubt and fear govern how we show up for ourselves and our relationships. 
I spent a lot of my life playing it small and safe. I was a pro at being exactly what and whom people wanted me to be. And in doing so, I sacrificed a lot. Ontological coaching opened my eyes to how I'd given away my time, agency, and power to others. It also offered me a way to show up differently, and reclaim my power in the process. 
Coaching is one of the most life-affirming and challenging commitments I’ve made to myself and have the honor to share with my clients. I coach because I truly believe that each of us is capable of some pretty badass things when we trust in ourselves and our right to create rich and fulfilling lives.
I came to coaching as a yoga teacher and see my coaching practice as an evolution of how I continue to serve others. Yoga offers us an opportunity to sharpen our whole-hearted awareness of each moment. When we refine our intention and attention, we are able to look at what serves us and supports us without fleeing from the moment or getting caught up in it. This, too, is the power of coaching. It’s a relationship that supports intention in the face of resistance and discomfort.
When we are intentional about how we show up and who we are being in each and every moment, we strengthen our ability and willingness to sit in and be curious about our urge to turn away, give in, or fight back. My purpose as a coach is to support you in your own journey of transformation. 

Training / Certifications


Accomplishment Coaching - Leadership Development Program


Accomplishment Coaching - Workshop Leader Certification Course


Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program


ICF Credentialed Coach - ACC


Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach (ACCC)


Certified Health Coach - American Council on Exercise


Yoga Alliance Registered RYT200 Yoga Teacher

list mentors and inspiration here: 

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