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Finding the Light

I’ve been pretty slow with the writing over these past few months, but with the shifting

seasons and latest shut down in Washington State, it feels like time for an update. 


While some of us love the holidays, others of us dread this time of year. And with the travel and social restrictions in place across much of the country, this year will be more difficult than ever. To those of you who are feeling isolated or exhausted;  who are feeling more acutely the loss of a loved one or relationship at this time; who are feeling the weight of these shorter days even more this year…you are not alone.


So throw out those expectations of what you should be doing during this time of year and allow some time to build rituals and embrace small acts of love and kindness for yourself and the larger community. 


Take naps.

Take a short walk outside each day. 

Open a window and take a few deep breaths of fresh air. 

Or close your eyes right now, and take five full body breaths.

Move your body.

Love your body.


Smile at a stranger.


Let yourself feel sadness and cry.

Let yourself feel anger or frustration and scream.


Take time away from your computer and phone.

Nurture yourself.


Treat yourself with care and love.

Tell someone you love them.

Or miss them. 

Or are thinking about them.


Ask for help. 

Offer help to others.

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