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Shifting Emotional Gears

One of the coolest superpowers that comes from the intentional thought work fundamental to coaching is the ability to shift your feelings. To choose what you want to feel and how you want to respond at any given moment.

Because we don't have to believe everything we think.

When we label certain situations as good or bad, and spend our days seeking out one and avoiding another, we give up the opportunity to choose. We get stuck. But when we shift out of automatic and see that our thoughts aren’t actually facts, we get to see that there’s another way to be.


We're humans in a messy and complex world. And more often than not, most of us oscillate between blaming others for how we feel, taking on the emotions of those around us, or distracting ourselves from feeling any uncomfortable feelings at all.

It can seem like we're being pushed and pulled by life's circumstances, and that brings up a lot of feelings.

With coaching and thought work, we learn how to shift out of autopilot and find neutral. From there, we get to choose how we want to feel about the life happening around us.

I'm not at all saying that our feelings are wrong or should be changed. They're 100% valid and we have a right to feel what we do. What I am saying is that coaching gives us the power to choose, so that our emotions don't rule our lives.

So that we aren't totally overwhelmed with fear, frustration, or anger.

So that we don't feel stuck in a spin cycle of mental anguish.

Instead, we get to decide how each moment and each event in our lives impacts us.

Pretty cool, right?!

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