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Embrace the Mess

Well, here we are, exploring an unfamiliar landscape of sorts. Our new daily rituals are feeling bit more 'normal' but that doesn't make this time any less strange.

Nature appears to be oblivious to this human crisis. The birds are insistent in their 6am song and the trees and flowers around our home are exploding with color and life. There are moments of the day that I forget we are in the middle of a pandemic. That wearing face masks to the grocery store and video chatting with friends you would much rather hug is our current reality. That our neighbors, love ones, or YOU may be an essential worker, aware of the risks and going to work anyway, knowing that our individual actions are necessary to support and heal the collective whole.

Now, more than ever, it's vital that we take care of ourselves and we take care of those around us. Giving yourself the space to rest and grieve and feel joy is a radical act of self care. We need our practice now more than ever. We need community now more than ever.

xo, Beth

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